The Inner Earth Program Will Help You:

  • Live with Passion and Purpose

  • Improve Relationships

  • Create Inner Peace

  • Set Healthy Boundaries

  • Increase Creative Powers

  • Let GO

  • Live with Joy and Freedom.

Reviews for The Traveller

Jonah Levy

5 star rating

“My connection between mind body and spirit is so much more in tune, and for that I am in a state of pure gratitude. This is absolutely what I plan to carry with me for the rest of my life.”

“My connection between mind body and spirit is so much more in tune, and for that I am in a state of pure gratitude. This is absolutely what I plan to carry with me for the rest of my life.”

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The Traveller Program

Explore the weekly content

    1. Welcome

    2. Inner Earth Workbook

    3. Map of Inner Earth

    4. BONUS eBook : The Journey to the Centre of your Soul

    1. Week 1 Intro The Kingdom

    2. Week 1 Meditation The Kingdom

    3. Week 1 Connection Grounding

    4. Week 1 Movement Activation Drills

    5. Week 1 Journal

    1. Week 2 Intro The Mountains

    2. Week 2 Meditation The Mountains

    3. Week 2 Connection Inner Fire

    4. Week 2 Movement Jumping Underswitch

    5. Week 2 Journal

    1. Week 3 Intro The Forest

    2. Week 3 Meditation The Forest

    3. Week 3 Connection The Mind

    4. Week 3 Movement Side Kick Through

    5. Week 3 Journal

    1. Week 4 Intro The Oasis

    2. Week 4 Meditation The Oasis

    3. Week 4 Connection The Heart

    4. Week 4 Movement Full Scorpion

    5. Week 4 Journal

    1. Week 5 Intro The Meadow

    2. Week 5 Meditation The Meadow

    3. Week 5 Connection Reflection

    4. Week 5 Movement Front Kick Through

    5. Week 5 Journal

About The Traveller

  • £127.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

For the Solo Explorer

Those that like to travel alone and go at their own pace. It includes pre-recorded hours of pre-recorded resources and content plus access to the Inner Circle private community.

Bonus Materials

Included with both packages

The Inner Earth eWorkbook will give you a full overview of the journey ahead and my book 'Journey to the Centre of your Soul' will teach you core concepts to use during the 6 weeks.

Scheduled Weekly Content

Videos, Meditations, eBooks and Weekly Practises to add depth and value to your journey.

  • Guided Meditations

    Each week you'll receive a downloadable guided journey, to help you travel through the realm.

  • Connection Practise

    Weekly connection practice to invoke the energies and intentions for the week.

  • Movement Practise

    Learn a new animal flow component each week to build a full flow over the 6 weeks.

Join Fellow Travellers

Private Community

You’ll also have access to the Inner Circle private community where you can discuss the realms with other travellers and get in touch with me for support and technical assistance.

14 Day Money Back 100% Guarantee

I offer a 100% 14-Day Money Back Guarantee if you don't feel you receive the value expected.

Who Is This For?

The journey through your Inner Earth will help you if...

  • You feel lost in life right now?

  • You're in a period of transition?

  • You have trouble setting boundaries?

  • Communicating & relationships are a struggle?

  • You can't seem to let go of people, places and things?

  • Your inner world is chaotic?

  • You constantly strive for perfection?

  • You feel unworthy?

  • Have trouble making healthy life choices?

  • You're living a life you don't want to live?

At Your Own Pace

This package allows you to go at your own pace, even though the content is scheduled over a 6 week period, you'll have unlimited access to complete your journey.


Your Questions Answered

  • How long is The Traveller?

    Inner Earth is a 6-week journey, as I’ve found that’s an optimum amount of time to keep momentum and focus with people. Although there are potentially slight variations for each package. The Traveller is a 6-week solo experience but you are free to take as long as you need and travel at your own pace.

  • Is The Traveller right for me?

    If you prefer to travel at your own pace and are looking for a low-cost option. If you are feeling a little lost in life right now, are maybe transitioning between chapters or feel that you need to connect with the sacred mission you came here to fulfil. Then YES !!

  • What makes Inner Earth unique?

    Inner Earth is a totally unique experience, very different from a normal coaching program. The journey through Inner Earth is a metaphorical adventure through your inner world. It will guide you to find the answers within you.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes, I offer a 100% 14-Day money-back guarantee if you don't feel like you received the value you expected. All I ask from you is that you give me detailed feedback as to why so that I can improve the service.

Connect to your sacred mission and the magic within.