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Learn 3 simple methods to Heal, Learn and Grow.

A step-by-step formula for reading and understanding life’s rich patterns, using them as lessons for a more empowered approach to life.

In this workshop I will teach you 3 simple methods to help read your life like a book. 

I’ve used these methods myself to help make sense of the challenging life circumstances I have found myself in over the years. 

They have helped me make sense of seemingly random events, that I now know were perfectly timed and placed for me to learn and grow from. 

Life is happening for you not too you.


This workshop will be taught LIVE on:

Monday 26th September 12:30 Central Time

FYI: For UK attendees that's London 18:30


  • How to use your chakra energy centres to HEAL
  • How to observe your relationships in life to LEARN
  • How to work with your archetypes to GROW

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. The Root Chakra

    2. The Sacral Chakra

    3. The Solar Plexus Chakra

    4. The Heart Chakra

    5. The Throat Chakra

    6. The Third Eye Chakra

    7. The Crown Chakra

    8. Chakra Healing Journal

    1. Your Environment

    2. To Others

    3. With Yourself

    4. Relationship Learning Journal

    1. The King or Queen

    2. The Warrior or Shield Maiden

    3. The Magician or Witch

    4. The Lovers

    5. Archetype Growth Journal

    1. Journey Through Your Inner World

About this course

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Adam Stansbury

Author and Life Journey Facilitator

They say you teach what you need to learn, well I believe you must also embody what you teach and for me that's the continued fascination with my own life process and how it is unfolding. I 'm here to ask the right questions so that you can uncover the wisdom that exists within you.

Adam Stansbury